13 Apr
Increasing Your Property Value with Stump Grinding

How Stump Grinding Services Can Boost Your Property Value

Removing an unhealthy tree can sometimes put an unexpected dent in your wallet. Though it might seem inconvenient, tree removal is necessary for keeping your home safe, especially during the storm season. Because tree removal expenses can sometimes sneak up on families’ budgets, the stump grinding process is often left for a later date. No harm, no foul, right? Well, not exactly. Leaving a stump in your yard could decrease your property value, and we’re here today to talk about all the other little things that you can do to increase your property value.

Things to Consider when Improving Property Value

As the saying goes, “A mechanic’s car is leaking.” The little handyman repairs around the house are often left undone because we don’t have the time or our focus needs to be elsewhere. Life happens. Well, those little blemishes add up over time. Taking care of them can increase your property value.

When potential buyers see the underbelly of the house has a long list of repairs to take care of, they see an investment that goes beyond a mortgage; they see an increased investment of time, which will naturally devalue your house. What kind of repairs should you take care of to increase your property value?

1. Complete Your Honey-Do List

Whether your gutter needs cleaning out or you need to stain the deck, make sure your home is well-maintained to get top dollar on the market. Thereby tweaking tiny details and putting that ready-to-move-in polish on your home, the value of your property will increase. A lot of buyers are looking for a home that’s ready to move into rather than a fixer-upper. Some elbow grease as a homeowner goes a long way.

2. Clean the Outside

A little pressure washing can go along way to making a home look top-notch. Pressure washers can be rented at your local Home Depot to wash everything from the driveway your houses’ siding. This can often halt the need for new outside painting and can make your home an attention-getter for very little expense.

3. Invest in Some Landscaping

Despite how great a home looks from the inside, you can’t redo a first impression. Great curb appeal is your first chance to make the sale. Planting a few flowers, new mulch and enhancing walkways are great for building up curb appeal for little investment.

4. Invest in Tree Health

Trees can add great appeal to a home but, like all other landscaping, they need to be healthy. By getting a tree analysis performed, an arborist can assess if your trees are in good health as well as perform some important maintenance such as pruning or trimming.  Also, don’t forget to get those dead trees removed asap. A dead tree on the property is a danger to you and your home’s value.

Once a tree is removed it is important to follow up with stump grinding as a finishing touch. Stump grinding can be an important finishing touch allowing for more usable outdoor living space, easier landscaping and better curb appeal.

Why Should You Pursue Stump Grinding Services?

As mentioned earlier, many put off stump grinding services after they get trees removed, but it’s a service that can improve your property value and make your yard more enjoyable.


Leaving a stump in your yard can be a safety hazard. For one, a stump causes an uneven surface, which could be a tripping hazard for children playing in the yard. Additionally, having that wood could attract insects like termites, beetles and wasps. In Georgia, the saying is that, “You either have termites or you’re going to get them.” Any precaution you can take will help to avoid termites.


If you’re truly looking to improve your property value, stump grinding services are beneficial because you can increase your yard’s usable space. Eliminating a stump will give you more room for a patio, garden or whatever would go nicely in that area where a stump once was.

Trust Trees-N-Things for Your Stump Grinding Needs

When you’re looking to improve your property value, one detail you don’t want to overlook is the stump in your yard. Our stump grinding services are quick, affordable and performed by trained professionals. Contact Trees-N-Things today for Atlanta’s top tree services company. Call us at (678) 417-6445 or send us an email at [email protected].